LRSP Project Applications

For 2020,  the Local Road Safety Program will be providing newly updated Project Applications and guidance. Once the updated information is made is available the application cycle will be reopened. Watch this space for further information in the next few weeks.


Previously submitted, pending LRSP project applications will continue to be processed and evaluated in the meanwhile.




UPDATED LINK COMING SOON - Project Application (Rev. 03-2018) - PDF

UPDATED LINK COMING SOON - Project Application (Rev. 03-2018) - Word

UPDATED LINK COMING SOON - Program Guidelines & Policies (Rev. 2017-10)

Responsible Charge Form

Quarterly Status Reporting Form

Assessment Worksheet




LTAP’s LRSP accepting project applications for safety improvements on locally owned roads

Parishes and municipalities in Louisiana may submit their project applications for road safety improvements year-round but those submitted by our cutoff dates December 31, March 31, June 30 and September 30 will be given priority for selection. Read more.

DOWNLOADS: Click on the resource name to view

Local Municipalities and parishes encouraged to develop Local Road Safety Plans

While local roads are less traveled than state highways, about 24% of Louisiana’s 708 fatal traffic crashes (that led to 773 deaths) in 2017 occurred on locally owned roads.  So, how can municipalities and parishes help Louisiana bring these numbers down? Read more

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