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Road safety on all public roads, including locally owned roads, is a priority for Louisiana. Louisiana LTAP administers the Local Road Safety Program (LRSP) and serves as part of the implementation team of the statewide Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP).


LTAP provides outreach support and technical assistance to local agencies in developing and implementing Local Road Safety Plans that will identify and prioritize

highway safety infrastructure projects. These projects are aimed at reducing roadway departures, improving safety at intersections, and making all roads safer for all road users. Ultimately, the goal is to reach Destination Zero Deaths.


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Louisiana LTAP developed the Louisiana SHSP Summary and Overview document in January 2019. This informational material intends to inform local public agencies, parishes and cities about the Louisiana SHSP’s efforts to reduce traffic fatalities and serious injuries,

and ultimately reaching Destination Zero Deaths on all public roads. Read the document on issuu.


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Strategic Highway Safety Plan document

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